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children's story



United States
"Hello" I whisper. "Hello friend." I say again slightly louder then before. "Hello friend or friend that could
be!" I yell hoping to be seen. I know that we speak differently, but maybe if I try slower and louder
something might break through. "H e l l o!" I shout. "Can you hear me?" I ask knowing there will be no reply.
My heart slows, my body droops, my eyes glaze over. I am alone. I am hanging on by a thread. Someone sees me.
"Hello, can you hear me?" They're coming closer. My heart is racing! "Hello!" I shout "Hello friend or friend
that could be." They turned away. "Am I ugly? Am I scary? Am I to small to be a friend?" Same as always. I am
seen, but not heard. I get their attention, but quickly lose it. I know that a giant could never be friends
with a small unheard thing, but it shouldn't hurt to try. Guess I'll have another fly.

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Thanks for the fav, silly wolf-boy. ^_^
Thanks for the :+fav: :)
no problem. Nice Work.
Thank you very much :) it means a lot seem as though I did it with my rubbish cameraphone
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